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Disneyland Bradford Family

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

You'll never meet a more kind, loyal, fun, and strong family like the Bradfords. Cathy reached out to me about documenting their spur-the moment trip to Disneyland from Canada. You see, their youngest daughter Maren was recently diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Leigh's disease where there is no cure and the outcome is devastating. But despite their difficult reality, I saw nothing but hope and joy as they spent their day soaking up their own spun magic...that of being together.

The first image after Disney Junior Live makes me feel 1000 different feelings and I’m not sure how to explain it. I was focused on capturing the reality of their situation and having to give their daughter a flush through her G-tube, and it wasn’t until I was in post that I noticed how I unintentionally framed the brother and his new wife being lovey dovey with each other. I feel that this image shows the perfectly terrible contrast and dichotomy of newly wedded bliss that is now a distant memory to the often crushing reality of a life caring for God’s beautiful children in the present focused foreground.

Loving and nurturing these precious babies is the most noble thing a person can do in this life and Scott and Cathy do it effortlessly.

To read more about the Bradfords and their story, click HERE. They also have a Go Fund Me account where you can donate to help with medical costs.

Thank you Bradford family for trusting me to take pictures of your beautiful family!

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